Support for Accero, Inc. Products

Warren Associates offers a wide variety of support options depending on your particular needs. They include a combination of:

On-Site Support

Our Associates will conduct training classes or work with your staff on-site at the appropriate times during your project. In many cases, the additional travel costs to a client is far outweighed by the value of the learning and transfer of knowledge that can take place with our Associates and your staff working side by side. In the case where a project requires the resources of two or more consultants, we can assign a primary on-site consultant to coordinate tasks between your staff and other off-site Associates to help you keep travel costs to a minimum.

Off-Site Support

When it is not critical for our Associates to be on-site, we can easily schedule work to be done off-site. Each of our Associates uses the latest technology available to remotely connect to a variety of platforms. And, all Associates are accessible by direct dial phone and e-mail. They have built-in capability to transfer files and reports in order to remotely test a new program or application. The weekly travel savings will enable you to spend your limited project resources in those areas that will help the most to ensure the successful completion of your project. Our accountability to clients for on-site work and off-site work is of the same high caliber.

On-Demand Support

Due to the corporate trend of mergers, acquisitions and staff reductions, many of our clients find themselves without the on-staff resources to even respond to simple user requests for reports, extracts and program modifications. Our Associates, for many of our clients, serve as an extension to their Information Technology department staff. In most instances, we are able to fairly quickly respond to and deliver upon ad hoc requests, which may unexpectedly arise within your company, by utilizing our capabilities as described under Off-Site Support. Our Associates are accustomed to rearranging their schedules to respond to such requests without compromising the scheduled commitments to our other clients. In most instances, depending upon the complexity of the request, we are able to complete the task within 24 to 48 hours.

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Warren Associates Incorporated is an independent consulting firm and is not affiliated with Sumtotal Systems, Inc.