Services for Accero, Inc. HR and Payroll Products

Our Associates have experience in all aspects of the Cyborg human resource / payroll software. Each of our Associates specializes in a wide variety of areas. Some of the areas where we can assist are:


Application Design and Customizations Project Management
Human Resources Setup and Training Request for Proposal (RFP) Development/Analysis
Benefits Administration Setup and Training Systems Conversions
Payroll Setup and Training Periodic Systems Review / Maintenance
Scripting Language Programming System Audits
Report Generator Programming Data Archiving
Online and Batch System Security Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System Interfaces
System Upgrades Technical Hardware and Operating System Support


Application Design and CustomizationsSelect another area of Service

Warren Associates staff can work with your project team members to identify modifications / enhancements to the Cyborg delivered screens, processes and reports, that are required to support your organization's HRIS information processing and reporting needs. In some cases, we have found that the cost of modifying and implementing a Cyborg delivered module (such as Applicant Tracking or Position Control), to meet a client's particular requirements, is greater than developing a brand new module from scratch. Our Associates will work with you to develop a cost / benefit analysis to assist you with determining the best approach for your company.

Customizations to your system will be made within the guidelines of established standards. Identifying customizations and upgrading to new releases will be facilitated by this approach.

Human Resources Setup and TrainingSelect another area of Service

With over 25 years of experience in the design and implementation of HR functions on the system, we can provide your HR Department with various approaches to setting up the system so that you decide upon the one that will best satisfy your company's information needs. With our in-depth experience we can also assist in developing new applications to interface with the core Cyborg HR / Payroll modules and assist your project staff to improve the flow of information to your front-line managers. Warren Associates has developed employee data extracts that can be imported into word processing documents, spreadsheets and databases to provide your managers with the flexibility to analyze and report on employee data independent of the system.

Benefits Administration Setup and TrainingSelect another area of Service

The proper design of your benefit plans in Cyborg benefits module will ensure ease of enrollment processing, data inquiry, table maintenance, and benefits reporting. Warren Associates has the expertise to help you make informed decisions on the best plan design for your organization.

Our Associates have the knowledge and experience that is critical to communicate well with your Benefits staff and to understand your processing and reporting needs: first hand experience administering health and welfare, pension and 401K plans on Cyborg as a User, first hand experience programming processes, reports and extracts of benefits data as an HRIS Manager and User, and over 25 years experience in the design and implementation of the Cyborg benefits module for a multitude of clients ranging in size from several hundred employees to tens of thousands.

We have developed many tools and processes to streamline the implementation process to reduce the number of errors in setting up your initial benefit plan tables, automate the conversion of enrollment data from your present system and test the enrollment and benefits processing programs. In addition, our Associates can assist with the development of extract programs which can be used to import data into word processing documents, spreadsheets and databases; especially useful for producing open enrollment election forms and / or benefit confirmation statements.

In more recent years we have developed numerous HIPAA compliant eligibility feeds to such plan administrators as: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Antares, Caremark, Metlife, Delta Dental, NAB, and Priority Health.

Payroll Setup and TrainingSelect another area of Service

We have over 25 years experience with the Cyborg payroll module. With our in-depth knowledge of this module, we can not only assist those new to the system with their implementation, but also help companies currently on the system with new, standard system features to satisfy changing company requirements. It is not uncommon for us to be asked to modify an existing report generator or method code to do something that can now be accomplished with a standard Cyborg feature. We advocate using standard features whenever possible. We can provide your payroll and IT departments with streamlined and improved processes that will make your payrolls run more smoothly, efficiently and accurately.

Our Payroll experts have worked with the system first as a client (either in an IT support or Payroll Manager capacity) and then as consultants assisting a variety of clients with their payroll implementations. Thus, our Associates know both the application and the technical considerations that are important to you.

Scripting Language ProgrammingSelect another area of Service

Our Associates can customize the Cyborg environment to meet your needs: create new or modify existing screens for inquiry or data entry, create new reports / extract programs that are not conducive to being created by the system's user tool, and modify system delivered reports. In addition, we have developed many customizations to improve the handling of security in a batch environment (running reports and extracts) and created many user-defined files allowing access to external data files from within the system for processing or reporting purposes.

Warren Associates staff understands the detailed inner-workings of the system and can work with your IT staff to customize some of the core functionality while at the same time adhering to system standards that will facilitate the migration of these customizations to future releases of the system.

Report Generator ProgrammingSelect another area of Service

We can provide you with custom report generator programming or modifications to delivered report generators. All of our customizations are documented and archived to facilitate smoother system upgrades.

Online and Batch System SecuritySelect another area of Service

We have security experts on staff to assist you with the implementation or enhancement of your security requirements. We often create or review existing security matrices. The matrix is an important part of defining the security structure and will provide growth and flexibility. We have developed unique environments to establish true batch security (running of reports and extracts).

System UpgradesSelect another area of Service

Our Associates have created several processes to streamline your system upgrade. We have utilities that can analyze your customizations and tell you exactly how they will fit into the new environment. We can also assist with the application of issued program fixes. Using external utilities, we can quickly collect and apply issued program fixes to fit your environment. We can also track the fixes you have applied and can provide reports to you indicating which fixes have been, or have not been, applied. This reporting will assist you when contacting Accero, Inc. to report other problems.

Project Management Select another area of Service

Warren Associates provides comprehensive Project Management services or we can work with your Project Team Leader or Manager to assist him / her to manage your project. Our deliverables for Project Management include: identification of each task to be completed, an estimate for each phase of the task (design, specifications, programming, unit testing and systems testing), assignment of client and / or Warren Associates staff to complete each task, scheduling of the estimated start and completion dates for each task, monitoring of start / completion dates along with actual hours spent, and regular progress reports for distribution to project team members and the client's management staff.

Warren Associates has built a reputation among its clients as being realistic with our time estimates for each task and time frames for a successful implementation.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Development/AnalysisSelect another area of Service

If your company is considering purchasing one or more products of Accero, Inc., we can help you determine the compatibility level between the delivered system features and your specific needs / requirements in an HRIS system. We can also estimate the costs of customizing the system to meet your needs so that you know, in advance, the total cost of your decision to implement the system: purchase price, training costs, and customization costs. If your company is just starting to look for a new HRIS system, Warren Associates can develop a comprehensive RFP reflecting your company's requirements and assist your staff with the review and analysis of the responses you receive from each software vendor.

Systems Conversions Select another area of Service

Whether you are converting to or migrating from Cyborg, our Associates can assist your staff with that effort. This includes data mapping between systems, creation of file layouts to assist with the conversion, the programming and testing of the conversion programs, and the creation of audit reports to assist you with verifying that data has been converted correctly.

Periodic Systems Review/MaintenanceSelect another area of Service

We can analyze your system to identify areas for improving system performance. This includes:

Reviewing JCL, or batch jobs, for steps that are no longer necessary or that can be tweaked to improve performance for your particular hardware and operating system platform.

Analyzing process flow to identify areas for improved efficiencies. There may be steps in certain processes that were set up years ago, which can now be combined or eliminated to achieve the same end result.

Upgrading modules by applying Accero, Inc. issued program fixes. We will meet with your staff to identify the specific screen and report problems they have experienced. A review of all the issued fixes will be performed for any fixes that pertain to those programs and that relate to the type(s) of problem(s) identified. Our Associate will then work with your staff to apply the fixes, work with the users to test them, and ultimately assist with moving them into your Production environment.

Identifying objects and / or data that can be purged from your system to reduce the file sizes. A current MAINTO file can be used to identify user created report programs or other programs (like one time fix it programs) no longer used that can be purged. There may also be employee data stored on Cyborg or user defined segments that can be purged due to having outsourced a particular function that was previously maintained on your Cyborg database. Elimination of these unneeded segments may reduce file size and improve overall system performance.

System Audits Select another area of Service

A system audit can be performed by reviewing your current process / system controls, system security and/or data integrity in interfaces with other systems. Controls may be required to assure compliance with internal or external audit requirements. Controls can be in the form of reports or logging transactions that may be reviewed periodically.

A good security structure helps maintain data integrity by allowing only authorized users to change employee data. The security structure will be reviewed to determine the types of users that have access to employee data and what type of access they have, inquiry vs. update, and which companies they have access to. Our Associate will work with you to build a security matrix that will support the level of access control required within your organization.

Outside interfaces can be reviewed to ensure that the employee data flow between Cyborg and other external systems is correct. We can review file layouts to determine that data generated out of Cyborg or employee data being loaded into Cyborg from an external file is in the proper format. We can also develop audit reports to assist you with periodic data comparisons between Cyborg and your external systems to verify that data is consistent between the two.

We have developed program promotion processes for other clients allowing them to track and document program changes. A good promotion process will allow system personnel to run audit reports showing program changes with Operator IDs, Change Dates, and Promotion Numbers. Reports may be run showing program changes within a range of dates.

Programming standards can be developed for your programming staff to follow. Implementation of the standards simplifies programming changes, provides a consistent method of tracking changes, and eases the effort of version upgrade projects.

Data Archiving Select another area of Service

At some point the overhead of maintaining employee history is going to outweigh the ongoing costs of keeping that data available, on-line in your Production environment. File sizes, file back-up times, pay run time, response time, and report processing can all be improved upon by archiving historical data that is not critical to maintain as part of your Production employee database.

Warren Associates can work with your staff to identify those data elements that can be archived and to determine the best method(s), for your organization's needs, by which to accomplish that: data extract into an external data base or spread sheet, generation of print file for microfiche, printed reports or possibly a combination thereof.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System InterfacesSelect another area of Service

Our Associates have extensive experience with the design and programming of interfaces with IVR as well as other external based systems for our clients. This includes providing data from Cyborg to populate the IVR database and taking data produced from the IVR system and creating BATCHL records to load into Cyborg. In recent years, our clients' use of IVR has been heavily concentrated in the Health and Welfare Benefits area especially for annual open enrollments. Systems we have worked with include The TPA, The 401K Company, The Benefit Planners, Talx and Kwasha Lipton (now part of Price, Waterhouse).

Technical Hardware and Operating System SupportSelect another area of Service

We have in-depth experience in a variety of hardware platforms and operating systems, including relational databases. Warren Associates can offer your IT staff with guidance in troubleshooting system problems ranging from operating system issues to optimizing the performance of certain processes.

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